Research and DEVELOPMENT


Basic Research

Continuously, we develop and test ways of plant nutrition and plant strengthening in an organic manner. Besides testing and proving the functionality of substances, we also develop sustainable and environment-friendly methods for large-scale production. The knowledge gained from our research is later on implemented into our existing and new products.

DEVELOPMENT of products that are ready for the market

Until our products are offered on the market, they undergo a long process of testing and verification. Among other things, their shelf life, miscibility, application friendliness, and culture specific quantity demands are screened. 

own research facilities

Our own research facilities enable us to perform the testing of products and their influence on specific problem conditions, flexibly and all year long. 

Cooperation with research institutions and universities

We receive our knowledge not only from the daily work of our customers but also from research institutions and universities. In addition, the latter regularly perform independent testings of our products.

activities in research groups 

We actively take part in numerous research groups. Thereby, the  'Mycorrhiza-Research-Group' stands out. In this group we are exploring the functioning of this special fungus. A result of this research is our granular fertiliser AMN Natural activ┬«-bio.