Our approach, the vitalizing plant production, focuses on the plant’s properly working immune system. Disruptions can be overcome by the plants own strength to resist pests and diseases without the use of chemical pesticides or fungicides. Their use becomes needless or can be reduced drastically. The production risk can be decreased and plants are more prepared for times of stress like water and temperature changes, toxin uptake, replant and transport.
— Dieter Henzler, CEO, 4th Generation
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Our family business was founded in 1903. We are experts in organic plant care and pant nutrition. This page is a brief summary of what we do.

Tradition and Innovation

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Supplying agriculture and gardeners since 1903

The roots of the Mack bio-agrar GmbH are dated back to 1903 when Ernst Mack, graduate of the Royal Horticultural School of Hohenheim, founded the company named after him. At this time the company was still trading with raw materials.

At the same time Dr. Kurt Wolter, also an ancestor of today's generation, provided important knowledge for nowadays Mack bio-agrar GmbH products through his studies of the primeval forest and his compasionate breeding of orchids.

Through his marriage to the founder's only daughter, the architect Ernst Henzler entered the family business. He grew the business continuously into a flourishing coal trade and haulage company. His son Dipl.Ing. agrar Günter Henzler managed the company through difficult economic times, when a fire destroyed almost the whole inventory.

For more than 30 years, his son and today's CEO Dieter Henzler, has been passionate about organic plant nutrition and protection. Built on his research and old family knowledge he developed, in dialog with his customers and scientists, our AMN© products of today.

With Philip und Dominik Henzler already the 5. generation is part of the team.


PRODucts designed according to the nature 

After more than 30 years of research and development, we have successfully managed to create a product range of organic fertilisers, plant and soil strengthening as well as growth stimulators according to the nutrients and micro-organisms found in the intact and working nature. These products enhance the plants' vitality and resistance against animal and fungal attacks. A perfect blend of those nutrients and micro-organisms are available for your plants through our AMN© (Active Micro Nutrients) product range.

Other than conventional horti- and agriculture, which relies on symptomatic treatments and exact nutrient supply, we rely on vitalizing plant production that achieves a wholesome and constant long-term supply of important nutrients and micro-organisms. Therefore, your plants become healthier and more resistant towards times of stress.

This enables your business to prevent deficiency symptoms and expensive symptomatic treatments while achieving highest product qualities for your customers.

Products and Services

Please find below a brief summary of our most successful products. Our complete portfolio covers all the special requirements needed to produce organic plants of highest quality, successfully. 




An ideal mixture of major nutrients as well as trace elements, which are essential for strong and healthy plants. 

  • Works successfully as a foliar feed.

  • Can be used for all types of plants.

  • Visible results within 8 days on herbaceous plants.

Dosage: Solution of 0.2% to 0.3% 


AMN® Fusek


Produced in a specially developed process and contains, among other things, plant extracts (garlic), compost essence, and homoeopathy.

  • Suitable for all plant species.

  • Strengthens the plant ability to keep of insect pests and fungal diseases.

Dosage: Solution of 0.5% to 1% 





Ideal fertiliser for all plants. Beside the friendly mycorrhiza fungi it also contains horn chippings and extracts of molasses, this combination promotes the microbial activity. 

  • Stress tolerance is sustainably increased.

  • Root development is improved.

Dosage: 5-20kg per 100 qm




Effective micro-nutrient fertiliser made of plant substances. It supports micro-organisms and maintains the natural soil balance. Produced from bark, according to the original Swiss formula.

  • Contains valuable sulphur and iron-chelate.

  • Better absorbed and tolerated by plant than synthetic iron-chelate.

Dosage: Solution of 0.3 to 1%.

AMN® Arbori

Organic fertilizer for trees and  shrubbery (concentrate)

Fertiliser to keep trees and similar plants healthy and nourished. The unique blend of main-, trace- and micro-nutrients makes it the perfect product for landscaping und urban green.

  • Increases the microbial activity in the soil.

  • Removes deficiencies.

  • Stimulates growth.

Dosage: Solution of 0.2% to 0.4% 


AMN BiovIt®


Highly concentrated extract of organic garlic, which is produced in a specially developed process. 

  • Suitable for all plant species growing open-air or in glasshouses.

  • Increases the natural taste of fruits and vegetables as well as the sugar levels in berries and grapes. 

Dosage: Solution of 0,3 to 1 %.

Conctact us

If you have any questions regarding our products or organic gardening. Please feel free to contact us. Resellers are welcome as well.

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