CONSULTING in the setting and turnaround of businesses

With pleasure, we share our knowledge of partly organic and fully organic horticulture with you. We built on decades of experience in revitalising and sanitising soils in order to improve yields and quality of plant cultures. Recent projects are the 'Project Organic Ornamentals in Germany', the setting up of an organic wine-growing estate as well as other projects in the areas of fruit trees, roses and perennials.


Consulting in challenges that OCCURe in specific plant cultures or environmental conditions

Every plant culture has its specific challenges. In addition, complexity is increased by individual planting sites. We are trusted partners of businesses from the coast to the alps.

Consulting in the conversion from conventional to organic horticulture and agriculture

With the right recipe you are able to produce best organic quality in your conventional business. With our sustainable approach you are able to produce more cost-effective, achieve higher prices at the market and leave the next generation healthy soils as well as clean water.


Lectures and training for industry experts

Feel free to invite our consultants to train your gardener-team or selected customers in vitalising horticulture or agriculture. We are happy to explain our way of growing plants sustainably and successfully.

Participation in trade fairs and conferences

We are present at all important trade fairs and conferences in Europe.  Our annually routine includes the IPM in Essen, the Hortiregio in Leipheim and the Organic-Ornamentals conference in Heidelberg.


SENSITIsE the end-user in media 

We are published regularly in editorials of important industry magazines and can be seen on television. Here, we communicate our vision of sustainable organic horticulture as well as agriculture.