Our mission is the stabilization of the entire plant culture through the use of nutrients and micro-organisms that have become absent in and through conventional horti- and agriculture. This enables your business to prevent deficiency symptoms, loss of production and expensive symptomatic treatments. 

Our Approach

After more than 30 years of research and development, we have successfully managed to create a successful product range of organic fertilisers, plant and soil strengthening as well as growth stimulators according to the nutrient and micro-organisms found in the intact and working nature. These products enhance the plants' vitality and resistance against animal and fungal attacks. A perfect blend of those nutrients and micro-organisms are available for your plants through our AMN© (Active Micro Nutrients) product range.

Other than conventional horti- and agriculture, which relies on symptomatic treatments and exact nutrient supply, we rely on vitalizing plant production that achieves a wholesome and constant long-term supply of important nutrients and micro-organisms. Therefore, your plants become healthier and more resistant towards times of stress.

As every single factor in conventional agriculture is highly coordinated towards the requested crop species and requirements, high yields are possible. However, already minor disruptions within the plant culture can harm or even destroy the entire production as there are no micro-nutrients and organisms acting as a natural buffer. In short, plant cultures in conventional plant production are highly vulnerable towards pests and other situations of stress.

Our approach, the vitalizing plant production, focuses on the plant's properly working immune system. Disruptions can be overcome by the plants own strength to resist pests and diseases without the use of chemical pesticides or fungicides.  Their use becomes needless or can be reduced drastically. The production risk can be decreased and plants are more prepared for times of stress like water and temperature changes, toxin uptake, replant and transport.