Our Heritage

The roots of the Mack bio-agrar GmbH are dated back to 1903 when Ernst Mack, graduate of the Royal Horticultural School of Hohenheim, founded the company named after him. At this time the company was still trading with raw materials.

At the same time Dr. Kurt Wolter, also an ancestor of today's generation, provided important knowledge for nowadays Mack bio-agrar GmbH products through his studies of the primeval forest and his compasionate breeding of orchids.

Through his marriage to the founder's only daughter, the architect Ernst Henzler entered the family business. He grew the business continuously into a flourishing coal trade and haulage company. His son Dipl.Ing. agrar G├╝nter Henzler managed the company through difficult economic times, when a fire destroyed almost the whole inventory.

For more than 30 years, his son and today's CEO Dieter Henzler, has been passionate about organic plant nutrition and protection. Built on his research and old family knowledge he developed, in dialog with his customers and scientists, our AMN┬ę products of today.

With Philip und Dominik Henzler already the 5. generation is part of the Mack bio-agrar GmbH.