In the Garden with Mack

In the Garden with Mack: September

September: While you enjoy the last sunny and humid days in your garden, you can start preparations for the winter. Birds houses have to be checked and cleaned, flower bulbs can be digged in, you can mow your lawn and shrubs should be trimmed. Now, your roses should get special care through a fertilisation with AMN® Roses to prepare them for the cold period.


For the last couple of months, we have been waiting for the very moment of being able to plant our seedlings and flowers into the garden, on the balcony or patio. No matter what you are planting, we recommend our all-round package “All good things come in threes” , which feeds, strengthens and makes your plants more resistant towards pest and fungal attacks as well as stress situations. You can use those products for all kinds of plants such as herbs fruits, veg, roses, box trees, etc. 

In order to protect the young plants from cold temperatures and frost during the night, you should wait until the end of the Ice Saints (11th – 15th of May). However, this country lore is rather an advice than a guarantee. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on nighttime temperatures and if necessary cover the plants with a horticultural fleece.

In the Garden with Mack: February

It's time to prepare the vegetable patches and flowerbeds. To activate the soil and make it ready for the plants, it is helpful to apply AMN NATURAL Activ®-bio fertiliser and work it into the soil.

Besides, it is time to do the cutting of fruit trees and other shrubs. In addition, you can start to sow radish, salad and kohlrabi in the glasshouse or a hotbed.