The foundation for a successful harvest is already laid in April. As days begin to become longer you can start to seed you favorite salads and herbs. Also melons and courgettes can be seeded in a hotbed. Ready for planting are vegetables such as potatoes and kohlrabi. Save time and money by applying our depot fertilsation system AMN B.O.R.N. using the organic granular fertiliser AMN NATURAL Activ-bio.

Already in ancient Greece, roses were regarded as the queen of all flowers. Since then, that has not changed. In order to grow healthy and beautiful roses you should now prune them. In case you have not activated and vitalised your soil yet, you should use AMN NATURAL Activ-bio with its twelve different types of beneficial mycorrhiza fungi. If you would like to know how to care for your roses throughout the whole year we advice you to download our “Rose Care” recipe.