The first heralds of spring, such as snowdrops and winter aconites, can be seen and mark the transition between winter and much-anticipated spring. However, temperatures by night can still drop below the freezing mark. Therefore, salad and herbs should be seeded in glass houses or poly tunnels. More robust and ready for free land seeding are onions, carrots and parsley. Vegetables such as paprika and tomatoes can be seeded in heated glass houses.

One of our vegetable beds is already planted with lamb’s lettuce and protected with fleece. During planting, we applied our depot fertilising system AMN B.O.R.N.®, which uses our granular NPK fertiliser AMN NATURAL Activ®-bio. This depot will soon be wrapped  by the plants’ roots and ideally provide them throughout the whole year with necessary nutrients. With this method, also head lettuce or kohlrabi can now be planted.