In the gaden with Mack: October

The landscape is getting more colourful and the nights colder. This means that our organic garden has to be prepared for the winter months. This includes the mulching of your green waste, which promotes the natural cycle. Harmful fungi can be prevented by spraying mulch and greenery with AMN PowerFertiliser®. This will accelerate the rotting process and deliver a fertilisation at the same time.


The green waste of your roses should be removed or covered with mulch. The stem should additionally be protected with piled up substrate or compost in order to protect the bud union from frost.

In the Garden with Mack: September

September: While you enjoy the last sunny and humid days in your garden, you can start preparations for the winter. Birds houses have to be checked and cleaned, flower bulbs can be digged in, you can mow your lawn and shrubs should be trimmed. Now, your roses should get special care through a fertilisation with AMN® Roses to prepare them for the cold period.


August is the month in which you can literally reap the fruits of your garden work. Besides regular watering and weed removal there is not much else to do, which enables you relax after a stressful day at work or have a barbecue with your friends and family and simply enjoy your garden.

In the meantime, our team is working very hard to launch our web shop with newly designed products and other helpful products for your garden. Stay tuned...



Rising temperatures and sunshine make your vegetable garden flourish. This means that your plants are now in need of a proper irrigation. Heavy feeders such as tomatoes and cucumbers are also in need of our foliar feed AMN PowerFertiliser®. This liquid NPK fertiliser is made of 100% vegetable raw materials and should ideally be doused over the leaves. Through your base fertilisation with AMN Natural Activ®-bio during planting, you have already established mycorrhiza fungi in the soil that increase the root surface with a factor of 1000. This additionally protects your plants against dry days.

In“Successful Recipes” you can find our carefree package “All good Things come in Threes”, which feeds, strengthens and makes your plants more resistant throughout the entire season.



If you were lucky and your strawberry plants have seen enough sunny days, you soon will be able to harvest and taste your first sweet fruits.

Our plant strengthener AMN BioVit® has been used successfully in viticulture and fruit production throughout the whole of Europe. It can be used preventively against sucking and biting insects. Furthermore, it will increase the sugar level and improve the aroma of your fruits.

This time of the year is also the peak season for aphids. First of all, you should always support natural predators with bird nest boxes from Schwegler or insect hotels from Neudorff. If this is not enough you can also preventively use AMN BioVit® with its high concentration of garlic as a physical barrier.

Needless to say that AMN BioVit® is certified for organic agriculture and harmless for humans and animals.



For the last couple of months, we have been waiting for the very moment of being able to plant our seedlings and flowers into the garden, on the balcony or patio. No matter what you are planting, we recommend our all-round package “All good things come in threes” , which feeds, strengthens and makes your plants more resistant towards pest and fungal attacks as well as stress situations. You can use those products for all kinds of plants such as herbs fruits, veg, roses, box trees, etc. 

In order to protect the young plants from cold temperatures and frost during the night, you should wait until the end of the Ice Saints (11th – 15th of May). However, this country lore is rather an advice than a guarantee. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on nighttime temperatures and if necessary cover the plants with a horticultural fleece.


The foundation for a successful harvest is already laid in April. As days begin to become longer you can start to seed you favorite salads and herbs. Also melons and courgettes can be seeded in a hotbed. Ready for planting are vegetables such as potatoes and kohlrabi. Save time and money by applying our depot fertilsation system AMN B.O.R.N. using the organic granular fertiliser AMN NATURAL Activ-bio.

Already in ancient Greece, roses were regarded as the queen of all flowers. Since then, that has not changed. In order to grow healthy and beautiful roses you should now prune them. In case you have not activated and vitalised your soil yet, you should use AMN NATURAL Activ-bio with its twelve different types of beneficial mycorrhiza fungi. If you would like to know how to care for your roses throughout the whole year we advice you to download our “Rose Care” recipe.


The first heralds of spring, such as snowdrops and winter aconites, can be seen and mark the transition between winter and much-anticipated spring. However, temperatures by night can still drop below the freezing mark. Therefore, salad and herbs should be seeded in glass houses or poly tunnels. More robust and ready for free land seeding are onions, carrots and parsley. Vegetables such as paprika and tomatoes can be seeded in heated glass houses.

One of our vegetable beds is already planted with lamb’s lettuce and protected with fleece. During planting, we applied our depot fertilising system AMN B.O.R.N.®, which uses our granular NPK fertiliser AMN NATURAL Activ®-bio. This depot will soon be wrapped  by the plants’ roots and ideally provide them throughout the whole year with necessary nutrients. With this method, also head lettuce or kohlrabi can now be planted.

In the Garden with Mack: February

It's time to prepare the vegetable patches and flowerbeds. To activate the soil and make it ready for the plants, it is helpful to apply AMN NATURAL Activ®-bio fertiliser and work it into the soil.

Besides, it is time to do the cutting of fruit trees and other shrubs. In addition, you can start to sow radish, salad and kohlrabi in the glasshouse or a hotbed.